Social Studies

Below you will find the link for our 5th grade social studies textbook. Students can go to, click on eservices and type in the user and password. 

The direct link is : eduplace textbook resource
user: cobbstudent5             
password: password

Social Studies games to practice concepts in a fun way

This week in Social Studies:

4/10 - This week students students will continue to learning about the Civil Rights Movement and the events leading up to the War on Terrorism. Students will have a quiz on Monday the 17th o the SS5H8 standards. Students will have a cumulative test on Tuesday!!!! Please review Power Point above for final review for Milestones!!!

Standards we are focusing on:
SS5H8 The student will describe the importance of key people, events, and developments between 1950-1975. a. Discuss the importance of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. b. Explain the key events and people of the Civil Rights movement; include Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the March on Washington, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, and civil rights activities of Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr. c. Describe the impact on American society of the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. d. Discuss the significance of the technologies of television and space exploration. 
SS5H9 The student will trace important developments in America since 1975. a. Describe U. S. involvement in world events; include efforts to bring peace to the Middle East, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Persian Gulf War, and the War on Terrorism in response to September 11, 2001. b. Explain the impact the development of the personal computer and the Internet has had on American life.

Review Links:
Here are some links that you can use: (don't forget Cobb Virtual Library, textbook and class books!)


Click the link below to rewatch the video from TIME for Kids website:


World War One AKA The Great War

You can watch a PowerPoint Presentation on the M.A.I.N. causes of WWI here:
And of course our school's Digital Library:
- I love this resource because not only does it have encyclopedias, audiobooks, and lots of different books to read, but it also has cool informational sites such as BrainPop!

Jan 7-
Students received a mini project to complete at home and turn in on January 11th. They were given directions and the rubric and began them in class. Please click the link below to see or print the assignment. 
MAIN Poster Rubric 

Students have been going through an interactive tour through Ellis Island. Below is the link if you would like to take a tour. 
If you would like to search for your family's name to see if they possibly came through Ellis Islnd use the link below: 

This week in Social Studies we will be discussing immigration and migration and how it affected and changed our country at the turn of the century from the 1800's to the 1900's. Please speak to your child about your family's history and what parts of the world your ancestors came from before you ended up in Georgia.  This week we will be talking about Ellis Island and Angel Island and why people from all over the world ascended on the shores of the U.S. during this era. If you have information or knowledge of your family entering through either of these immigration stations please share!!!
Soon, students will be assigned an at-home project; this will not be due until January. Stay tuned... :)

HAPPY VETERANS DAY!! Please take a moment to watch President Obama lay the ceremonial wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery as we discussed in class. 
Also, if you know or see a Veteran please remember to thank them for their service.
 I am still collecting photos of our family's service members for our power point please email them when you can. Thanks :)

SS5E1 The student will use the basic economic concepts of trade, opportunity cost, specialization, voluntary exchange, productivity, and price incentives to illustrate historical events. SS5E3 The student will describe how consumers and businesses interact in the U. S. economy. SS5E4 The student will identify the elements of a personal budget and explain why personal spending and saving decisions are important.

We have begun our unit on Economics! Students have received a study guide to help them understand the new vocabulary they will be exposed to throughout this unit. Their quiz will be on Wednesday, Nov. 9th.  Please know that our task in S.S. is not only to understand what these terms mean but also how they applied to U.S. history and still apply today. Please talk to your children about money- what kind of labor do you perform? What is your role in your job? How do you make decisions when it comes to money or bills? All of these can go a long way to impressing the importance of hard work and financial responsibility with our kids. 

Farmer goes to Shark Tank - an example of entrepreneurship and investments. Students saw this in class and this pairs with their Create Your Own Business worksheet which is due Friday 11/11. Here are some examples that can help visualize what a slogan and brand logo may look like for their advertisement...Where the Money Goes School House Rock
Image result for slogans

Biography Bottle projects were a hit!!! You all did such a great job on not only fulfilling the requirements, but going above and beyond to show understanding. 
      Bottles will be on display shortly in the Media Center. :)
We have wrapped up the events of the Civil War and are more focused now on the roles of different leaders and how the U.S. is transitioning afterwards. We will be learning about Reconstruction and Jim Crow Laws next week. This week students received rubrics and an organizer for their biography projects due 10/28.
One is to be done at home- The Biography Bottle Project  (it is okay to give some help but students should do the majority if not all the work on it). Students are charged with the task of recreating a likeness of their assigned biography person from the Civil War out of a disposable plastic bottle and found materials. Info sheets with steps were given out on Monday with Rubrics to help guide students.  
The other project will be done at school. The students will be conducting research on the same biography person they were assigned and they will be writing a biography paper that will count in ELA writing as well as in Social Studies. Students have note organizers and rubrics to help guide them for this as well. It is great if students are doing research at home as well, but please make sure they bring their rubrics and organizers with them every day to class.  Below are some links they can use in their research.
Civil War Resource Links:

Civil War Biographies

Harriet Beecher Stowe:

Fredrick Douglass:

Thomas "Stonewall Jackson":

Sojourner Truth:

Clara Barton:

Jefferson Davis:

Harriet Tubman

Abraham Lincoln:

Ulysses S. Grant:

Robert E. Lee:

Dred Scott:

John Brown:

12th and 17th amendment lesson link: US Constitution

Civics and Government Videos

Here is a video about the Bill of Rights:

 Students have been completing centers this past week to explore the causes of the Civil War. They have visited the  following stations- Civil War is Coming (primary resource book), Slavery in America (primary resource book), Historical Fiction - with two true stories - books Pink and Say and Henry's Freedom Box and a station for the students to assemble a lapbook that contrasts the North and South before the Civil War.
Information for the Pentagon flowers- 
Information for What Issues Were Important? Flaps

Next week we will be discussing key events and people involved in the Civil War. 

The following resources are read alouds I found online and have filtered through the viewpure website:

Center One Civil War is Coming



Students will receive their Geography Road Trip Project on Monday, August 10th.  The due date for this project is Monday, August 24th.  Students will receive class time each day to work on this project and will be given specific instructions to help them complete this project.  Please refer to the information sheet and graphic organizers for specific details and requirements.  

Download a copy of the project information sheet and graphic organizers here:
 Geo Road Trip Project Information sheet

You can download a copy of the rubric here:  Presentation rubric and Geography project rubric

Students can find research links at the following:
MackinVIA  (addison/alligator)
destiny homepage

This Week in Social Studies..

This quarter we will be using Current Events as a way to analyze and learn more about the world around us. Below you will find some websites to locate your articles. Remember that you are searching for current events- events within the past 2 weeks. And of course, actual periodicals and newspapers are also a great source of information. 

Cold War Webquest Link below: 

Social Studies Update: 
We are wrapping up our Cold War unit and moving on to the Civil Rights Movement. We are excited for our fifth grade trip to The Center for Civil and Human Rights this Wednesday!!! Students will tour the museum with a clipboard and a packet to complete that are tied to our standards this third and upcoming fourth quarter. Please ensure that your child is wearing their Leader In Me t-shirt and comfortable walking shoes. We will be at the museum for about two hours and return to school around 12:00 pm where we will be eating lunch. Students may bring lunch but we will be back in time to receive lunch from our cafeteria.

WWII Leaders Card Activity

World War II Reading

Extra Credit Opportunity
Below you will find a link that will give you the directions and details about the Harlem and Roaring Twenties Gallery. This can earn students ten bonus points on their next exam or lowest grade. Extra Credit Must Be Turned in by Feb. 12th in order to earn a grade. Late work cannot be submitted.Students may also use Roaring Twenties Websites below when researching. 
Harlem And Roaring Twenties Gallery Extra Credit

The Great Depression and the New Deal Links:

These books on PowerPoint give you some information about the events that happened during WWI and between WWI and WWII:

Here is a great powerpoint about WWI:  WWI powerpoint
Here s a great powerpoint about the time period between WWI and WWII:  Between the Wars Powerpoint

 The Roaring Twenties Web Sources:


Students will describe the impact of inventors and innovators had in how life changed in America at the turn of the century. We will be learning about:
The Wright Brothers
George Washington Carver
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison

Rise of Big Business/Inventions:

Here are some links that might be useful to you: DON'T FORGET- Use your textbook and media center!


Link to Interactive tour of Ellis Island:

Events and Leaders to know.

Civil War Causes

Students can use the links below to gain inspiration for (not copy from) their journal writing. 

Here are some links to explore more:

Here are some examples that students can gain inspiration from:

Cut and paste on a creative background.
Include pictures and words.
Create an accordion timeline.
Use a template from online and fill it in.
Get creative and highlight the year.
Use a computer program to type in dates and events.

Civil War and Reconstruction Unit

Here is the link for the above Reconstruction Activities:
Economics Unit Links:

Nutrition webquest

Cold War Years
Please ues the link below to complete the analysis of Winston Churchill's speech in 1946 (Iron Curtain):

Cold War Webquest links:


Hey Students!  I have given you a cheat sheet to help study for Monday 9/30 pop quiz!  You can download it and study from it!   Happy studying...

(oops!  There is a mistake on the date for John Brown's was 1859!  Sorry!)

Civil War Cheat Sheet 1
Civil War Cheat Sheet 1- pdf file

We will begin this unit on Wednesday, September 11th.  This unit will focus on the the major causes, events and consequences of the Civil War.  Students will also analyze the effects of Reconstruction on American life.  Students will receive a study guide to review major content for the end of unit assessment. Students will also be assigned a Civil War era character and write journal entries (as assigned). See below:
  • Civil War character journals.  Students will write short journal entries as assigned.  Students should write the entry in first person as if they are the assigned character.  Entries will be submitted at the end of the unit and must be written or typed.  Journals written in the writing compostion notebook will have to be rewritten or typed.  A rubric will be provided

Major Developments/Events in America Since 1975

Students will receive their Digital Presentation project info sheet on Monday 3/18.  Students may work with a business partner or solo.  They will be required to submit a business proposal by 3/22.  Students may use any software, online site or apps (tablets, iPads, etc) to create something unique and entertaining.  Some ideas might be (and there are many, many more!) are:  videos, cartoons, Animoto, digital storybooks, create a song using free apps (this would be fun!), photostory and much more!  There are some really cool free programs out there.  Here are some that we have found (if you find something neat, please share so that I can post it here!):
Here is the BEST link to finding COOL project tools (it's our wonderful media specialist Dr. Creighton's Blog):  Dr. Creighton's Blog
Songify (app)
Go Animate (found this one too:

Here are some that are new to me:
Zimmer Twins (never tried this one, but maybe some could?) (again, never used this one, but would be a cool one to try)

Here are the events that students may choose from: 

Civil Rights Movement

As you work on your interview with your influential person, you will need to research that person's role during the Civil Rights Movement era.  Don't forget to answer these questions in your research:
  • What action(s) was this person most noted for?
  • What motivated this person to do this action(s)?
  • Why was this significant?
  • How did this action help or hurt the people around this person?
  • What impact does this action have on people today?
Here are some links that you can use: (don't forget Cobb Virtual Library, textbook and class books!)

1930s (Great Depression/New Deal/Famous People)

WWI, Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age

Download and link to the activities for the menu due on 12/17
Quarter 2 activities menu
**Please let me know if there are any issues with the links listed.  These are links provided by Cobb County and they might not be available.  Students should also use Cobb Virtual Library to access research information ***
Here are some websites to help you discover the cool things about this time period!
Cowboy sculptures:

Here is a website to help you understand the Treaty of Versailles:

Here is an example of contracts:

Here are a few political cartoons:


Westward Expansion, Cattle Drives, Big Business and Immigration Unit

We have started our new unit!  We will study about the cattle drives and westward expansion.  We will then study about the rise of big business in the US including the new inventions at the turn of the century.  Our discussion of immigration will center around who immigrated to the US at the turn of the century and where they immigrated from.  The assessment for this unit will be on November 13th. 

Here is the Immigration Data activity link:
Here are some other links


Civil War and Reconstruction Unit

We will bing our new unit on Monday, September 17th.  This unit will focus on the the major causes, events and consequences of the Civil War.  Students will also analyze the effects of Reconstruction on American life.  Students will receive a study guide to review major content for the end of unit assessment. Students will also be assigned a Civil War era character and write journal entries (as assigned). There will be a project assigned for this unit. 
  • Coin Project- Assigned on Tuesday, September 25th and due on October 9th.  I have attached the information sheet as well as some resources to help you collect research.  Students will sign up for characters on Tuesday.  Lunch N' Learn times are available any day between these dates to work on the project.  Additional times can be arranged with Mrs. Fortson. You can download information here: **(additional links are located below the Hannalee information- Scroll down!)
  • Non-Fiction reading packet (can also be used as a supplemental resource to study!) can be downloaded here: The Civil War is ComingCivil War LeadersRobert E. Lee BioUlysses S. Grant Bio (this is a great resource for the Coin project!)
  • Civil War character journals.  Students will write short journal entries as assigned.  Students should write the entry in first person as if they are the assigned character.  Entries will be submitted at the end of the unit and must be written or typed.  Journals written in the writing compostion notebook will have to be rewritten or typed.  A rubric will be provided.

Sherman's March to the Sea:
Atlanta Campaign:
Emancipation Proclamation:


Log into Brainpop watch these videos and complete a quiz. Print out quiz or email me the result for an extra credit grade. 
September 11th : America Under Attack
Vietnam War: The Conflict that divided a nation
Civil Rights

Cold War/ Vietnam War/ Korean War Powerpoint Review

The Great Depression and the New Deal Links:
Stock Market Crash of 1929
Great Depression Causes Brainpop

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY:This project is due March 10th and is worth a total of 15 points. However many points you earn can be applied to your Social Studies grades so please follow the rubric for maximum points.
Roaring Twenties Extra Credit Rubric