Friday, August 18, 2017

Power Point for Parents

Hello Parents!! We realized that the PowerPoint we presented for Open House was not put on the blog. SOOOO... Here it is! If you have any questions please email us. Have a great weekend.

Open House PowerPoint

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday's Homework

August 17, 2017

Reading:  Finish Chapter 1 Notecard

Math:  Problem Solving OR Exponents and Patterns (some groups are working on exponents and patterns in class).

Baby Picture Alert!!

If you have not had a chance to send in your child's baby picture, please do so ASAP, so that we can get it scanned in for the yearbook.  If you would rather, you may email your child's baby picture to Mrs. Barkley directly.  Her email address is

We have only received about 8 or so baby pictures, so please get them in!!

We can't wait to see how cute they were (well, they are still cute, but... you know) ;)

Do you recognize any of THESE cute babies????

Solar Eclipse Webquest Link

With the Total Solar Eclipse just around the corner, we are very excited to have the opportunity to perform some tasks in our classroom that will give us information about the moon, the phases of the moon, solar eclipses, and the path of totality for the Total Eclipse that we will watch on Monday!!

In Science tomorrow with Mrs. Westbrook, the students will complete a WebQuest about Solar Eclipses.  They will use information on the website to read and locate information about eclipses, which will give them background information prior to viewing the eclipse on Monday.

Students will use the following link to access their Solar Eclipse WebQuest:

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Homework and Reminders

Today's homework assignments are as follows:

*  Social Studies-Study for your quiz on Thursday using your study guide.
*  Reading-Get your project sheet signed (ALP students will have this for homework tomorrow night, since you were not in class today).
*  Math-Complete math pages 53-54 in your Volume 1 math text (even numbers ONLY).


*  Please remember to send in any forms you may have that have not been given to your child's homeroom teacher yet.  The Total Solar Eclipse permission slip is very important if your child will be viewing it outside on Monday, and we need all of the Rock Eagle permission packets in ASAP, so that we can plan for cabins and chaperones.

*  Your Summary Project and your Novel Study Test will be on September 8.  Please mark these due dates on your calendars.

*  If you have not sent in your child's headphones or earbuds, please do so as soon as you can.  We are beginning to use these in our classes, and we have noticed that not all students have them.

*  In Science on Friday we will be using the steps of The Scientific Method to complete a lab in class.  The students will be conducting an experiment using chewing gum.  If you can, please donate unopened packs of the following flavors that we can use for our experiment:  

Big Red
Wrigley's Spearmint
Juicy Fruit

** If your child, for whatever reason, cannot/does not want to chew gum, they will be paired up with a friend and will use that friend's data to complete the lab sheet.