Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Math Update

We are currently finishing our last standard: Customary and Metric Measurements. We have also started reviewing all other previously taught standards. To ensure that students are successful, it is important that they study and practice math every single day.
  • They are given homework every day this week (for ALP students also) and it is important that they complete it and bring it to the class next day. It will be used for classwork the next day. 
  • Please check out the resource section of my math blog that includes practice tests (for math and ELA) and study guides for all subjects. Please have your students take the practice tests during spring break. 
  • Students have been given a cheat sheet/strategy sheet to help them solve the problems. It is important that students have a strategy/logic/plan of action for all different kinds of problems.
  • They can use their volume 1 and 2 Mymath workbook to practice as well. 
  • They will be given several mock milestone assessments next week.
Milestones will start on 10th of April.

Homework for this week:
Monday: Number and Operation- part 1
Tuesday: Number Sense-2
Wednesday: Number Sense-1
Thursday: Fractions and Decimals

NO 4H Club Today!

Dear Parents,

If you have a student that attends 4H Club we will NOT be meeting today!  There was a mix-up in the scheduling, so we will pick back up with April's meeting.

I have let the students know, but will be sure they have a dismissal change prior to this afternoon.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility!

Mrs. Westbrook

Thursday, March 15, 2018

03/15/18 Homework

Classification STEM Activity

Good Afternoon!! 

This week we have spent time diving into our unit on Classification of Organisms! We have determined how and why scientists classify organisms, we have researched the 7 levels of classification, and we have worked in our interactive notebooks to understand vertebrates and invertebrates.

Next week, we will wrap up vertebrates and invertebrates on Monday, and we will begin a STEM activity on Tuesday.  This STEM activity will likely take us through Friday to complete! 

Project Overview: 

The students will work in groups to design an animal for a biotechnology engineering firm which creates new animals.  The students will manage an engineering budget and will use various available materials to create an animal that does not fit into the traditional classification chart for living things!  They will combine characteristics from the different phyla (vertebrate or invertebrate) or classes within a phylum (reptile and bird). 

This STEM activity is going to be a great opportunity for students to Sharpen the Saw and use information they have obtained to create a unique animal of their choice, but it may not be possible without YOU!

We are in desperate need for SUPPLIES in order for our STEM activity to be successful!  Please donate ANY/ALL of the following that you can (you may have your child bring them to my classroom anytime between now and Tuesday/Wednesday of next week)!:

*Paper core tubes from wrapping paper, paper towels, toilet paper
*Plastic bottles and/or jars
*Pipe Cleaners
*Metal cans of assorted sizes
*Craft sticks and wooden dowels
*Wax Paper
*Aluminum Foil
*Construction Paper
*Markers/Colored Pencils
*Glue and/or tape
*Fake fur and feathers
*Assorted fabrics

Thank you SO much for your generosity and for your support of our upcoming STEM activity in science!

Mrs. Westbrook